St Margaret’s Children and Family Care Society was initially founded in 1955 as an adoption society, to support children and families in need throughout the UK. 

Since then we have developed further to include our education services and therapy centre offering support to all children, families and professionals within a trauma informed framework.

Our Services

Adoption Society

At St Margaret’s we take pride in the high quality of service we provide. Our staff have many years of experience in adoption and are always available for advice or support, many years after an Adoption Order is granted.

Education Services

St Margaret’s Education Services assists schools and early Years Establishments in understanding the impact of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs).

Therapy Centre

The aim of our therapeutic services is to support children and their families, through a detailed assessment of needs and individualised support plans.

Contact Us

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26 Newton Place,
Glasgow, G3 7PY. 

0141 332 8371